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Clans and Guilds rules Empty Clans and Guilds rules

Post  bloxman26 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:23 pm

The following are rules for the Clans & Guilds section;

-Try to use grammar as much as possible, but it' not forced.
-Check spelling and punctuation

-Try not to make too many off-topic threads, once in a while I'll let them slide.

-Don't post about stupid crap.
-Nobody wants to hear about Rebel Squad or Team Domino(NOTE: You can talk about them if something big happens)

-Keep it about ROBLOX.

-No major flaming
-This is supposed to be a friendly community(unlike roblox community).

-No religion
-I don't want to read arguments about who is real and who isn't. Keep it out.

-Don't let this turn into C&G on ROBLOX.

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