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Post  N on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:57 pm

It's me again, your favorite overlord moderator, here to handle the Music forum!

A few rules to keep your musical passion in check:

1. You may debate about artists/songs/albums/etc, but you may not insult them, or others who like them.


Post 1: "I love Lady Gaga! Anyone heard her newest song?"

Reply: "Lady Gaga's awful, get a better taste in music!"

2. Share your tastes with others! Using the tags (displayed as icons above the message bar), show off your favorite artist's new album art! Embed a Youtube video! Hyperlink to a Soundcloud channel- anything to make listening to your favorite songs easier!

3. Don't advertise.


"Lady Gaga's new album is out- I'm so excited! You can buy it on iTunes or Google Play! Really, it's great, and totally worth the money!"

That's bad.

"Lady Gaga's new album is out- this may be her best yet!"

That's good.

4. No spoilers. This won't be tolerated- it's rude, and it ruins otherwise good movies.

5. Anything posted that disrupts the peace of the community will be removed, as will all posts pertaining to that disruption.

6. I have rather simple moral standards. If I find a post to violate that standard, it will be moderated accordingly.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your unique tastes!


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