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The Rules Of Ask Shadowsword Empty The Rules Of Ask Shadowsword

Post  [UAFCOM]Shadowsword on Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:01 pm

The Rules Of Ask Shadowsword;

Before I post a big list of rules, I just really want you to know that doing intolerable/stupid things is strictly not allowed, trolling is really not a big issue to me, but harassment and insulting is.

If you've got a complaint or anything harmful to say about me, complaints will be taken seriously, but saying harmful things will not.

Now, for the rules.

1. No acting stupid.

2. No asking for personal information.

3. No asking for promotions, because it'll get you a nice ban.

4. No spamming.

5. No talking in all caps unless you are Lunarian.

That should sum it up, enjoy the site!

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