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Post  N on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:47 pm

The rules below apply specifically to the UAF Talk forum section.

1. All forumers are to pledge their allegiance to the mighty MOOJL at least once daily, with a sacrifice of burnt offerings and money. ...or just money. Yeah, I'll take the money.

1. All posts are to be related to the Urban Assault Forces.

(Try and bend this rule to make off topic posts that are only seemingly related to UAF, yet actually aren't- I dare you.)

2. Don't ask for promotions, demotions, moderator privileges, or administrator privileges. The former two are what PMing Generals on ROBLOX is for, and the latter two are shadowsword selected positions.

3. Intentionally disturbing the peace of this forum section will result in the original topic, and all incident-related topics, being removed entirely.

4. If the content of your post breaks the sort of preconceived moral standard (which admittedly is rather low) I have set, it will be moderated.

Thanks, and happy foruming,

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