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Post  Imparity on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:47 am

[[ Please keep in mind that along with all of the punishments above you may be subjected for demotion or loss of sub-division privilege such as Red Army, Preliators, etc. depending on your actions. ]]

1. Always listen to the mods/admins. Whatever they say, will go.

2. Follow the rules
You are expected to follow the spirit of the rules.
For example, if there was a rule where you could not talk about red,
and you post things about crimson, you will still get banned.

3. Don't cuss.
Simple as that. Attempts to bypass the filter,
or disguise bad language, will result in punishment.

4. Don't be rude.
Disagreeing with other peoples opinions is fine,
however, bashing/flaming someone over their opinion will not be tolerated.

5. Don't PA (Personal Attack).

6. No Politics, or Religion.
Religion and Politics often result in flame wars.
Keep your beliefs, and political views off the forums.

7. No "this v. that" threads/posts.
Debates often result in flame wars,
so refrain from making "this v. that" threads/posts.

8. No spamming
I'm pretty sure you are well aware of what spamming is.
Simply do not spam.

Rules may be changed, at any time, so be sure to check the rules, frequently.

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