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Post  Chaostic on Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:09 am

dont hate me; if you are too far indoctrinated to even care to know what "the other guys" believe then you dont have to read.
the point of this post is NOT to disprove any religion, its to explain that evolution is a scientific fact.

i would also like to note i am a former christian and probably know the bible better than you.

the process of evolution is a complex process, to know EXACTLY everything about it you would need an understanding of biology.
i will explain it using airplanes.
Think of the first living cell on earth as the Wright brothers airplane. it was a crude and simple thing, but it was the first of its kind.
as time progresses, new designs are developed. in biology, these would be tiny mutations. the creatures with unhelpful mutations die, while the ones who have beneficial ones have a better chance of living and thus reproducing, which carries on that positive trait. for example, say an airplane evolved jet engines. it is superior to a prop engine, so prop engine planes die out because they are inferior.
over time, the designs branch off into seperate species, in this case helicopters, jet fighters, cargo places, ect.

now one question may be presented here: where are the transitional species at?
the answer is that that isnt how evolution works. its like trying to find a wright flyer/F22 Raptor hybrid. it just doesnt exist because there is no mutant halfbreed, only a set of increasingly more effective airplanes.

i hope i atleast enlightened someone. thank you for reading.

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